Contractor Qualification Reports

CQ Reports contain high-value contractor information and documents. Contractor information is accessed in real-time from our online database and available 24/7 to our clients. All Reports are created as PDF files that are printable or can be saved to any mass storage device.

Reports include:

  • Contact information – Company name, address, key contact phone number and email
  • Available services – per North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  • Certificates – Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, ISO, VPP, COR
  • Corporate capability, work history
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Commercial capacity
  • Service locations

How It Works

You are a purchaser of contracted services and your vendors are critical to your company success. But how do you manage risk and ensure your service providers meet your company and industry compliance standards? Click on the video to watch a short product explainer. >>

Free Contractor Registration

Contractors can register and upload their information, with or without client request, to make their information instantly accessible for free. Once registered, contractors are searchable by services provided and service locations. The typical time to complete a contractor profile is just 20 minutes. Contractors can send Reports to current and prospective clients including organizations that are not registered on the system (via email).

Send to Anyone

Contractors can purchase their own reports and send them to clients, prospective clients, or anyone else through the website or by email. The receiver doesn’t need to be a registered user. CQ Reports reports reduce the impact of long, cumbersome prequalification requests. Simply send a report and cover the fundamentals for a fraction of the cost and organizational impact. We offer ground-breaking utility and exceptional value.

Purchaser Request

Purchasers search the database and instantly access contractor information that’s completed in accordance with strict requirements. Where only registry information is available, the system generates a request to the contractor asking for their participation and the upload of relevant information. The system sends messages to each party regarding the status of participation requests and announcing when full information becomes available.

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Reduce Risk

Effective certificate management is critical for any purchasing organization. Reduce risk and avoid potential financial and legal exposures with simple and effective certificate tracking and notifications.

Reduce Costs

CQ Reports reduces costs by improving your vendor management workflow. Critical contractor due diligence is achieved sooner with our simple and efficient process.

Automate Management

CQ Reports finds contractors that have achieved a baseline of online data and certifications. Automated pre-qualification activities maximize value for our clients.

Value For Contractors

Tired of filling out lengthy and invasive contractor pre-qualification forms? Do you find investing in prequalifying without any indication of how much real work opportunity exists even more frustrating? For contractors like you, the cost of compliance is a big deal and getting bigger. Let us help change that. Unfortunately, manual systems operated by purchasers and ‘built-for-billing’ contractor websites typically require vast amounts of information at the first-contact stage. This flies in the face of business efficiency and industry best practices. Efficiency is all about doing the right things, in the right amounts, at the right time. Fortunately, CQ Reports excels in each of those areas. We provide access to the high-value must-haves that ensure contractor capability and facilitate required due diligence.

Instant Due Diligence

You’ll gain immediate access to critical contractor information with a simple search or information request. CQ Reports provides great utility at the price points you’ve been looking for. Effectively prequalify your contractors while containing costs and administrative burdens. We offer just the right content for just the right price.

No Configuration. No Training. Free Registration. Free Search.