Product Design

An Innovative Approach

CQ Reports is the simplest and most economical way for purchasers of contracted services to assure critical contractor due diligence. Each CQ Report contains high-value contractor operations and performance information and critical supporting certificates.


Contractor information is accessed from our online database and delivered electronically to your PC or mobile device. Reports are convertible to pdf and savable to any mass storage device.


Each CQ Report provides vetted contractor information including company and key contact identification, services, locations, capability and work history, regulatory compliance, OSHA performance and more.


Contractor and purchaser registration is free. Contractors register and become searchable for free. Purchasers register and search for contractors for free.


CQ Reports provide flexibility for purchasers to acquire contractor information as it’s needed without the commitment of large subscription fees, significant corporate change management, ongoing system maintenance and investment in personnel and training.


Our platform allows field level personnel to access critical data with simple interface and complete in-app support. Typical time commitment by contractors to meet the information and certificate upload requirements is less than 30 minutes.


CQ Reports is a revolutionary step in the maturation of online contractor management services that provides industry leading utility, simplicity and cost containment.